Explosions In The Sky

Mood: shivering cold and chattering teeth… Weather: mostly cloudy, the wind wakes with the Tides… Reading: The Nature of the American System by Rousas John Rushdoony Listening To: Songs For Christmas by Sufjan Stevens I awake! It is still the early pre-Dawn hour, though behind me the sky explodes in shimmering gold-orange-red Sunrise prelude. My … Continue reading Explosions In The Sky

Giving Thanks

Mood: warm and satiated, licking meat from between my teeth… Weather: the bitter wind shakes the eaves, and the leaves from the trees… Reading: The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka Listening To: Ludlow Street by Suzanne Vega We are thankful. Discontinuous glimmers of golden sunlight shine through low iridescent silver-gray clouds, the wind tosses the … Continue reading Giving Thanks