Suspension Of Disbelief

Aaron Adams has responded to John Roberson`s rebuttal of Benjamin Johnson`s critique of the Christology (that is, the doctrine or theory concerning the nature/identity of Jesus Christ) of New Testament scholar and Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright. In the article (entitled Wright Redux: Roberson`s Response) Aaron offers a patient and even-handed appraisal of the matter, and … Continue reading Suspension Of Disbelief


The hungry and the hanged and the damaged and the done – striving along this spinning road and tumbling past the Sun. We all got born so afraid, we still search for words to describe that pain and cling to each other like pigeons in the rain and eyes all over feathered breasts – with … Continue reading Time/Immemorial

Fruit Tree

The light is slowly leaking out of the room, sucked away with the sun`s retreat behind the bleary blanket of a waning winter afternoon sky.

The light left gives an autochrome-like graininess to the air in the one-room flat. Its towering ceiling is easily twice a man`s height.

Long white curtains flow softly down from three tall windows. The shades are drawn down two of them, and halfway down the middle one, where one can see, through the irregularities in the glass, the roofs and sides of other London flat buildings against the colorless clouds.

The door rests in its fluted Victorian molding at one edge of the wall opposite, and at the other is Nick`s mattress, jammed into the corner as much as possible, as far from the light as possible.

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