To my son on his birthday…

“…love I have beyond all men, love that now you share with me. What have I to wish you then but that you grow both good and free? That grace to you our Lord would give, and stronger days to live…”

Today my son Israel turns seven years of age.

We had already observed the occasion in a small get-together at the local park on Sunday (as his birthday fell on a weekday this year) but today is the actual day.

On March 30th, seven years ago, the Lord blessed me with the healthy birth of my second child, a son, whom I named Israel Elias Kirk. Israel…  a name I gave him to keep him humble, and also as a reminder of the sorry birthright he inherited from his father.

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The natives are restless…

U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms officers Tuesday located a suspected pipe bomb at a U.S. Postal Service location in rural Rusk County.

The device was reportedly located within a blue mailbox outside the post office in the Laird Hill community on Texas Highway 42 in northern Rusk County.

An unidentified official on the scene said that federal authorities were in charge on the investigation and that the device appeared to be a bomb. “We’re not sure what’s inside, but it looks like a large pipe bomb,” he said.

The pipe bomb discovery comes on the heels of dozens of Molotov cocktail-type devices being found in postal collection boxes across Rusk County and East Texas during the past month.

While the devices discovered earlier this month have been described as beer bottles filled with some type of accelerant with a wick taped to the top of the bottle, the latest development has increased the threat.

A Molotov cocktail would need to be lit to be a more immediate concern, but now officials said that if the device found Tuesday is in fact a bomb, the concern level increases.

“If this is an actual explosive device, it obviously raises our concerns significantly, not only for our employees but for the public,” said Amanda McMurrey, U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman. “Though we’ve been aggressively investigating the prior incidents at other post offices in East Texas, this definitely ups the ante.”

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#1 Overton pounds Bulldogs 17-1

Mustang seniors Telvin Darden and Casey Rinehart drove in five runs apiece, Garrett Williamson struck out eight over a complete-game performance and Overton won its 11th straight game with a blistering 17-1 defeat of District 20-1A opponent Union Hill on Friday. Overton’s errorless defense had Mustangs fifth-year coach Travis Jackson talking after the game. “I … Continue reading #1 Overton pounds Bulldogs 17-1


More than one million new trees in three months, that’s the plan for Luminant’s 2010 reforestation program.

Ashley Monts, media relations for Luminant (a subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings of Dallas, formerly TXU). said that tree planting machines are working to plant roughly 845,000 tree seedlings at the Martin Lake Mines as part of the company’s reclamation program.

Planting crews are currently hard at work reforesting established mine sites across Texas, fulfilling Luminant’s long-standing commitment to quickly return mined land to productivity.

“System-wide, these efforts total roughly 1.2 million new trees planted in about three months,” Monts said. “The machines, which are capable of planting up to 10,000 seedlings in a single day, began work in mid-December and will continue through March planting species native to each mine location.”

In addition to planting loblolly pines for commercial timber production, about 32 different kinds of trees are planted in wildlife habitat areas including up to a dozen different oak species, black walnut, pecan, hickory, persimmon, mulberry and sugarberry.

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…and the days are dark and dreary.

“…the day is cold, and dark, and dreary; it rains, and the wind is never weary; the vine still clings to the mouldering wall, but at every gust the dead leaves fall, and the day is dark and dreary.”

Oh, such creeping melancholy! Were that my disposition was not so easily swept into the surrounding climes!

Today I awoke to the plitter-pat drip-dropping of a languid easy rainfall. The morning was still dark, and so I pulled the blankets tighter and snuggled close to my warm, soft-breathing infant son.

Liam murmured for a moment and fell back into his quiet and rhythmic breaths. Soon, I was asleep again.

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Bo is Back!

Overton High School’s new athletic director and head football coach Arthur “Bo” Talkington signed his contract at the regular monthly board of trustees meeting Monday night.

“It’s exciting, I feel like I felt when I first started here back in 1981,” Talkington said.

With the contract now signed, Talkington reports to work Tuesday morning to begin his first day in the position he held from 1981-1988.

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To my daughter on her birthday…

“…there there, little girl, don’t cry. They have broken your doll, I know. Your tea-set blue and your playhouse too are things of the long ago. But such childish troubles will soon pass by… there there, little girl, don’t cry.”

Today marks the tenth year in the life of Gaelynn Trinity Rose Prosser, born in the early pre-Dawn hours of March 6th in the 2000th year of our LORD.

Gaelynn was born after several hours of labor at Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, the beginning of which occurred at the end of my regular work shift at the same hospital.

One of these days I will put the story of her birth down on paper, as it remains an oft-told tale of family lore, but for now I will reflect upon the child who continues to grow into a marvel before my wondering eyes.

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