Make a difference by living lives of impact

As a child, I used to dream of changing the world. But now, I no longer treat that dream as a reality. That desire to dream big and make an impact still lives on inside me, but I’ve buried it deep inside my imagination and tend to think of it as a fantasy. We all want to be world changers, but many of us give up on the idea as childish and unrealistic. Maybe we think we can’t make much difference as one person, or our contribution will be too small. We can become complacent, settling into our normal routines and giving up on the idea that we can really make an impact.

But recently I began changing my perspective on things. I realized that it is only a choice not to make a difference in the world, and an idiotic one at that. There are no real circumstances truly hindering us from making a difference, whether it’s in the lives of two people or two million, whether through giving of our time, talents, money, influence or whatever else. If we search deep down in our hearts for the true reasons we choose not to engage toward making an impact, I believe we’ll find petty, avoidable circumstances with no depth to them.

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His justice cometh, and right soon…

His judgment cometh and that right soon...

There is nothing now hidden from the eyes of men that will not, in time, be made manifest — for there are no vile secrets that can escape the inevitability of pure truth. Over the span of human history, whatever wickedness has been uttered in the shadowy corners of men’s hearts shall be proclaimed from the mountaintops illuminated by the blinding light of justice.

While one may, for a time, manage to evade and escape the limited means of mankind’s due process, there are absolute consequences to the universe that must bear themselves  out. As all rivers eventually flow into the sea, every kind of crime will meet a certain recompense.

The devil went down to Oklahoma…

There’s an old proverb (often attributed to such tactical geniuses as Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, and Napoleon) that says, “never interrupt your opponent when he’s making a mistake,” and it’s a good rule of thumb. But when it comes to placing a monument to Satan in the public square, I think an exception to the rule is called for.

An advocacy group based in New York has proposed placing a statue of Satan (er, actually the 19th century literary fabrication “Baphomet”) on the grounds of the state capitol in Oklahoma City (where they don’t actually live), in partnership with some atheist activists (who, presumably, don’t believe in Satan, but whatever). Yeah, it reads like something you might see in The Onion. Except this is all too true.

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To my daughter on her birthday…

Dear Sophia,

On this day seven years ago — on the white winter-swept high plains of Norman, Oklahoma — you were born. My little princess, my pretty little thing, my lovely baby girl. My Sophia. Today is your birthday.

With each year you become less my baby girl and more a little lady. While I do celebrate this progression, there’s a part of miss who wishes to linger a little longer remembering you when you were small.

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To my son on his birthday…

Dear Liam,

Five years ago today — on a wintry January morning — you were born in Annapolis, Maryland. You, my “blond beast,” were born gentle and mild. The nurse handed you to me and I walked to the window and looked out upon the snow-covered landscape of the town, and wondered at what sort of boy you would be.

Still so young, yes, but there’s much about your character I can glean amidst your childish yawps and little boy shenanigans.

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