Above The Din

One of the advantages of this current technological era, is that those of similar accords or shared perspective can find and communicate with each other far easier than in times past.

Within this context one of my favorite resources is this site, which compiles recent journal entries from my brothers within the Southern Baptist ranks. Using this I can scurry through the minds of Southern Baptists from sea to shining sea in a matter of minutes.

For example…

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“…but in her dreams she`s far away…”

A short weekend begins with longing… Nevertheless, we left out this morning, bound for Dallas. The drive went well and without incident. We arrived at the hospital around mid-day. Visiting with other family members that were there and sharing our prayers and condolences for her uncle`s immediate family. These sorts of “reunions” are always difficult, … Continue reading “…but in her dreams she`s far away…”

Where Is Thy Sting?

Early tomorrow morning we will set off for Baylor Hospital in Dallas to pay a visit to Candace`s uncle – though it will be with hearts heavy, as he has a rather advanced case of terminal Cancer and will likely not see the turn of the week. My beloved`s extended family has beset with much … Continue reading Where Is Thy Sting?

Song Of This Summer

“There`s still Time!” I scream to the setting Sun, and to the glowing houses. For soon will come an end for Time, and the terrible/wonderful recompense. I speak in vain and silent roars, for I rage at the Darkness. The Darkness of the hearts of men, the hidden hate I stifle. There is beauty in … Continue reading Song Of This Summer

Echoes Of The Gridiron

So… I am out in my front yard, watering the small scimitar-shaped garden that my wife maintains. Furrowing my brow in concentration – as my mind was far elsewhere. A teenage boy`s voice rings loudly, “Look out!” as an oblong brown shape enters my peripheral vision and lands several feet from me, bounding oddly into … Continue reading Echoes Of The Gridiron