It`s Been Awhile

Mood: Sick Weather: Warm and Breezy Reading: Gdel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by D. R. Hofstadter, Ph.D. Listening To: Billie Holliday, Billie`s Best I`m sick today. Well, not sick, but really bad allergies. Weird. My whole life, I`ve never had allergies like this. I wonder if it`s just that my body isn`t used … Continue reading It`s Been Awhile

The Lady or The Tiger?

Once, in a kingdom long ago where ancient customs prevailed, a gardener`s son dared to love the King`s only daughter, the Princess Royal. That was bad enough. But as luck would have it, the princess loved the boy in return. And that was worse.

Of course, the two never had a chance to actually speak to each other, but they exchanged many glances, and occasionally blew each other a surreptitious kiss when they hoped nobody was looking. They both knew that loving each other was not right. But they loved each other all the same.

Oh, how they longed to speak to each other, to whisper loving things to each other, or even (but this hardly bore thinking of) kiss each other.

Still, for many months they were happy with their secret love, gazing from afar at each other. But at about the same time, the princess and the boy realized that this was not enough.

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Only To React

Mood: Weary Weather: Mild and Breezy Listening To: The sounds of the city at night “I fade back into the pocket, A cold chill runs up my spine. I`d failed to read the Blitz, And I`m quickly surrounded by onrushing linebackers. Quickly a decision must be made, Adjustments must be made, These things must happen … Continue reading Only To React

April 1st

I was at the grocery store buying groceries and when I got to the checkout lane this lady said to me, “Tom, Tom is that you?”

I said, “No ma`am you must be mistaken.”

She said, “No you look just like my son… He died a few years back… Are you sure you`re not Tom?”

I said, “Sorry ma`am, my name is Matthew.”

She said, “Well, could you do me a favor? When I go out the door just wave goodbye, and say `goodbye mom.`”

I did not know what to do so I said, “Sure ma`am, I can do that.”

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