Up, A Creek

So I find myself at home, the very place I find myself to be at home more than any other.

I am sheltered under tall trees, enveloped by the gentle sloping hills and trails, cooled by gently trickling creeks ‘neath shady groves, warmed in the sunlit meadows — my outstretched hands grazing the tops of the tall grasses as I walk barefoot through The Land, My Land.

Though I have walked many miles upon His resplendent terrestrial sphere, it is to this small spot of hidden woodlands that I have long pledged my fealty.

Not to a flag, or nation, but this obscure plot of rural lakeland. What I now stand upon, is what I stand for. This land, this sweet land, this good earth.

I walk long, my stomach filled by the work of many hands — my kinsmen and beloved ones — who now rest in repose. But I, of restless mind, must retire myself to me, to think and ponder and wonder and wander.

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With the Media, there’s always more to the story…


If you’ve been following the news the past week or so, you may believe that an Elvis impersonator from Mississippi is being held for mailing ricin-laced letters to President Obama, that more than 60 people died in a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, and that two Eastern Orthodox bishops were kidnapped by terrorists and released the same day.

But while each of those items contains a grain of truth, they are mostly false. The bishops were abducted, but major news agencies were fooled into believing they had been released; the death toll in the West explosion is 14; and Paul Kevin Curtis was released by investigators who believe he might have been framed.

The problem isn’t merely that much of the news is inaccurate — that is an inevitable feature of the ravenous daily news cycle — but that most news is largely irrelevant to our lives as Christians. Most of us realize that the events of last week will probably not have a significant direct effect on how we live. Indeed, if we’re being honest with ourselves, most of us would have to admit that what is sold as news is rarely newsworthy at all.

HDN staffers clean house at state convention

DURANT, Okla. — Overton native Matthew Prosser was one of several Henderson Daily News staffers honored North and East Texas Press Association’s 2013 Better Newspaper Contest.

“We’re always honored when our peers recognize our efforts to publish a good community newspaper,” said HDN publisher Les Linebarger. “More importantly, we want our readers and advertisers to be assured that we are making every effort to produce the best newspaper we can for the good people of Rusk County.”

Prosser, who serves as managing editor of both the Henderson Daily News and Overton News, was awarded first-place in Feature Writing for the third consecutive year — with a hotly-contested second place in both Column and News Writing as well as for News and Feature photography categories.

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Thus, we are reaping our whirlwind…

The Devolution Of Man

Am I the only one who feels like there’s some kind of cosmic joke being played out in our culture right now?

More often than not, bad art is celebrated and good art reviled. In our communication and dialogue, grammar and spelling were no longer important. To be clean is no better than to be filthy. Criminals deserve as much sympathy as their victims. Good manners are no better than bad. In fact, bad behavior (especially among celebrities!) is lionized.

I have long suspected that the greatest way to destroy a civilization is not to outright defile what is sacred, but to make sacred the profane — and thus debase everything that is hallowed. And few things are more debased in our era than our most fundamental institution: the family.

Garden Club hosts ‘high tea’ for 4th graders

Twenty members of Overton’s Queen Price Garden Club kept a 50-plus year tradition alive by hosting “high tea” for the fourth-grade girls from Overton Elementary School.

The young women were escorted from their school bus to an elegant setting inside the garden club home featuring homemade hats, cloth napkins and the finest silver and glassware.Each girl was served cold sweet tea from a silver tea service, accompanied by finger sandwiches, cupcakes, fruit and a scrumptious parfait during the hour-long event.

The young women were decked out in their Sunday best for the tea, and they were allowed to keep the hats made for them by garden club members.

After enjoying tea and refreshments, members of the garden club detailed the flowers for every month of the year. The young lady with a birthday in that month was asked to stand and was given a spray of flowers by the garden club as they learned about the flower for their birthday month.