Catch The Wind

In the chilly hours and minutes, Of uncertainty, I want to be, In the warm hold of your lovin` mind. To feel you all around me, And to take your hand, Along the sand, Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind. When sundown pales the sky, I want to hide a … Continue reading Catch The Wind


A wise man once described Jesus Christ as the “ultimate realist” – and when I heard this for the first time, I laughed. However, after some time and thought, I understood the truth of this. The knowledge of reality comes first from one`s knowledge of GOD. Those that presuppose the non-existence of GOD (while living … Continue reading Realism


I concede that I am a Romantic. I have always been thus. I see the world in a cosmic palette of hues with blinding light and impenetrable darkness. I hear the Music everywhere and in my gait I dance to an unheard rhythm. However, this Romantic glass that I see through darkly is tempered with … Continue reading Roman