in the fire-glow of a late Winter`s night

Mood: singing the mind eclectic… Weather: wind-toss`d Waves rage under starry skies… Reading: The Sea Wolf by Jack London Listening To: Systems/Layers by Rachel`s Skittering and dancing along the briny beaches of Oyster Harbor, a Blue Crab emerges from the sandy loam. Tossed asunder by the rollicking surf, his jaunty lateral swagger belies his yearning … Continue reading in the fire-glow of a late Winter`s night

Winter of Contentment

Mood: chilled to the bone… Weather: folded close under deepening snow… Reading: Gentlemen & Players by Joanne Harris Listening To: Handwriting by Rachel`s The warriors of Winter continue to thrash about in final mute nostril agony, sending Nor`easter gales and heavy snowfall. The snow is already thick enough to cover your shoe, and still it … Continue reading Winter of Contentment

Dollars & Sense

Mood: eager and nervous… Weather: gentle Spring sends promises of her coming… Reading: No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy Listening To: Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover) by Ray LaMontagne Our income tax return has arrived, the government returning the money it borrowed from us over this past fiscal year. This year`s return is a … Continue reading Dollars & Sense

a Rollins in the Wry

Mood: “…thirsty & miserable…” Weather: “…losing the light of the Sun…” Reading: Eye Scream by Henry Rollins Listening To: Illumination by Rollins Band Today is the birthday of Henry Rollins… he is 47 years of age. Rollins, in one manner or another, left a rather significant “literary” influence over me – especially since I first … Continue reading a Rollins in the Wry


Mood: thoughtful and quiet… Weather: sunny blue skies and frigid North winds… Reading: Discourses on Livy by Niccol Machiavelli Listening To: the Sea & the Bells by Rachel`s Today, as part of a select delegation of Honor students and faculty from the school where I teach, I traversed to-and-fro the greater Annapolis/DC Metro area… at … Continue reading Face-to-Face

Albanian Christians In Greece

Mood: bemused and amused… Weather: a dark and stormy Night… Reading: Early Christianity & Greek Paideia by Werner Jaeger Listening To: Missa Mystica (a compilation) Our “fellowship meal” tonight featured traditional Greek and Albanian dishes prepared by our Culinary artist-in-residence Chef Zach. The entire service was organized by the Missions Committee on which I serve, … Continue reading Albanian Christians In Greece