Newspapers aren’t going anywhere…

I can count on it like clockwork…  some large market daily newspaper closes its doors, or goes to an all-online edition, and the whispers start up again.

So many are so quick to ring the death knell for newspapers, and I can only wonder why.

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Of course it’s hot, it’s summer!

The heat in the summer is a hundred and ten,
too hot for the devil and too hot for men.
The wild boar roams through the black chaparral,
it’s a hell of a place he has for a hell.

Today is the summer solstice, the first “official” day of summer. However, for those of us in East Texas this day just confirms what we’ve all been suspecting for several weeks now.

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Fatherhood among the highest of callings


To be a husband and a father is a noble vocation. Adam’s calling from the beginning was to be a walking, talking, personal demonstration of the goodness of divine Providence.

Our Lord made human fathers on earth to represent Him, not as “tin gods” but as flesh-and-blood extensions of His own love and care for every one of us.

The high calling and responsibility of fatherhood continue today, but as God warned Adam when he expelled him from the Garden of Eden for his sin, it is now a responsibility that must be exercised “by the sweat of the face.” To be a man is to be born with the obligation of earning our livings and supporting our families with the sweat of our faces. To be a man under God is to labor with our bodies, minds, souls, and hearts for others and to learn from Jesus Christ the duties of love’s austere and lonely offices.

We are to provide, not just the hungry things of this world that soon pass away but, far more importantly, the things of the spirit which last forever. This is what we vow at baptism, in matrimony, and in all our various callings, wherever and however God calls us to His service as men.

Can such a life be possible?

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