To my son on his birthday…

Dearest Israel,

How appropriate it is that I should spend this early morning hour in contemplation of you, my son. While you are asleep and murmuring in your bed, your father is pacing the floorboards of the front room…  thinking on his young son, and the days still to come.

From crawling babe to striding boy, you have flung yourself headlong into full-fledged boyhood.

“…but now I am Six, I’m as clever as clever…”

Now you are six. A good age for a boy. You retain so many of the trappings of innocent infancy, while tilting towards the windmills of a distant adolescence. You are still allowed to weep your displeasure, yet are expected to gird yourself in a winsome mimicry of novitiate manhood. Indeed, now you are six.

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In Media Res

As the roar and scream of the freight train fades into the dark of Night, the only sounds that remain are the moist footfalls of my athletic shoes upon the glistening pavement.

The torrential downpours of the last few days have covered brick and steel with a wet glaze, leaving mild days and cool evenings in its passage.

Light southerly breezes smooth the brow and bring forth thoughts of imminent Spring.

I have found such an indulgence of the senses in taking this walk – the walk which brings me to my place of business, working the “graveyard shift” from 11pm to 07am. I consider it nothing short of a “perk” that I now live well within walking distance of where I work.

Speaking of where I live…

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A Scanner Darkly

My head is still swimming from last night’s feast of Patricius.

I stayed with my brother (and his perpetual fiancé) at Stuart House for the occasion, so too for the sake of convenience and the near proximity to my new occupation.

So he and I toasted Ireland, our ancestors & descendants, great-Grandfather Brian, dear departed uncle Mike, and any other saint that has ever been burdened with the work of driving away the pagans from a part of GOD’s good earth.

We spoke fiercely into the wee hours. Ah me, ’twas grand!  O, but I’m ahead of myself…  or is it behind?

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Waiting ’til the shine wears off…

After returning back to “the hacienda” from my morning run to the lake, I showered and shaved. Refreshed and energized, I sat down to a hearty breakfast.

Now reposed to the back porch, I wish to think and to write…  as Morning spreads her golden wings.

We’ve had a good long week to become acclimated to our “new” surroundings. Granted, it will take more than so few days to truly find our familiar rhythms.

Even so, it is well with my Soul.

The first “point of order” is that housing appears to be a far more arduous obstacle than I had previously surmised. It seems that an unexpected surge in the local petroleum industry has brought a sudden influx of new residents, of varying demographic strata. With this development, much of the “middle class” rental vacancies were quickly filled.

What is more, there have been some additional strictures included in the process of acquiring state licensure and insurance registration… which has, as a consequence, delayed our progress in procuring a new automobile.

To be without your own vehicle in the vast “inland empire” of East Texas is to be utterly hobbled. I may as well be cast into the Sahara without a camel.

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To my daughter on her birthday…

Dearest Gaelynn,

The noise and festivities having faded into the quiet of the late evening, I have decided to pause for a moment and reflect upon you…  for today is your ninth birthday.

Another year older, nine years old. It seems so strange to think of you so “old” as nine years, yet I can also scarcely believe that you are still so young a girl…  you are growing so fast in mind and body and heart.

Continuing to grow tall and slender, with fair skin, dark green eyes, and flowing honey-brown hair; gentle and yet carefree in posture, you are an unadorned natural beauty. You have an endearingly “funky” sense of personal style that reminds me of your mother as a girl, yet you also enjoy “dressing up” in more conventional dress for church and special occasions.

There have been some interesting developments in your personality over this past year, as you have sought to make a more clear designation between yourself and your siblings.

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Goodbye Annapolis…

“…so we beat on, boats against the current,
borne back ceaselessly into the past…”

Everything is packed away, the caravan is loaded, our tickets purchased, arrangements for departure and arrival confirmed…  we are ready to go.

It has been a long and winding road that has gotten us to this point; even so, there is much that remains to be done. This ending is but another beginning.

Alone and awake at this wee small hour of the eve, I sit in quiet repose…  in heavy reflection of that which has passed, in deep contemplation for what is to come.

It will be only two more hours until I am gone from here, our airplane circling high over the Chesapeake before leaning into the Easterly winds. Fleeing the rising Sun, we will chase the dying night Westward into faraway Texas. O, how faraway it seems!

My heart is heavy, with a deep throbbing ache. There are so many here that I shall miss terribly. Friends I have made, dear Brethren who have blessed me in great abundance, peers and colleagues of various fields of industry whom have enriched my person in various attributes.

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