The Mind of GOD

In the late evening when all have descended into Sleep and I am lain prone upon my fragrant bed, I am sometimes gripped by a trembling awe as I contemplate the Mind of GOD. Even now as I consider this, a slight tremor runs through my expanse at the sheer magnificence of Him… To those … Continue reading The Mind of GOD

May Fair

May Fair strange in the morning light, May Fair strange in the summer night, May Fair strangest in the afternoon. May Fair stretching far above, full of fame but lacking love, could it be we see the May Fair moon? May Fair strange across the park, in the day or in the dark, there`s no … Continue reading May Fair

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Being a man who wishes to live by Faith and worship the LORD in Spirit and Truth, I know that I must take heed unto myself and to my doctrine. As such, I have had to spend many a restless hour wrestling with complex teachings and difficult concepts. Where would I be without the ministry of the Holy Spirit to unlock the profound truths that lay within GOD`s Word!

Moreover, in my pursuit of a historic and consistent Christian faith, I have had to contend with the classic debate of Dispensationalism versus Covenant Theology – but I find neither of them acceptable, nor can I agree with the noble attempt to reconcile the two that is New Covenant Theology which seems to be the rule in Reformed Baptist circles.

As my dear Brother writes in a recent exchange with Josh Spears and Justin Donathan:

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“…keep them kept, Matthew.”

This morning I was re-organizing some of my older (and inactive) email accounts – deleting dusty letters of auld acquaintance, the long-forgotten familiars of long-forgotten times. I read the spurious missives and eloquent communiqus, the quick notes from dear current friends in addition to the regretful “fare-thee-wells” from embittered former ones. Glimpses and hazy reflections … Continue reading “…keep them kept, Matthew.”