Rushdoony Quotes

“An education which begins with the faith that the living God is a person, not an abstraction, and that all creation is a personal fact brought forth by the totally personal God, will seek to further the practical implications of that truth.” . . . “It is not an accident that only out of Christian … Continue reading Rushdoony Quotes

Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving and my father asked me to say Grace before the family partook of the yearly Autumnal feast. He has pressed this upon me before and it is always a difficult burden for me. My relationship to my family since my conversion is a strange and tenuous one. Sometimes they treat me reverently, … Continue reading Giving Thanks

Fruit Tree

The light is slowly leaking out of the room, sucked away with the sun`s retreat behind the bleary blanket of a waning winter afternoon sky. The light left gives an autochrome-like graininess to the air in the one-room flat. Its towering ceiling is easily twice a man`s height. Long white curtains flow softly down from … Continue reading Fruit Tree