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Memo to the GOP: Where Are You?

Memo to: Republican Party Leaders

From: A Friend

Re: Where Are You???

The other day John Kerry had finished addressing the American Society of Newspaper Editors convention and was greeting participants when the C-SPAN camera caught one woman, presumably a member of the Fourth Estate, gushing to the Democratic candidate, “You’ve got my vote!” There’s no surprise here. It’s almost impossible to distinguish between Democrats and journalists in their passion to elect Kerry and defeat Bush.

But where, oh where, are you?

It’s good to criticize those in the media who long ago lost sight of the word “balance” (not to mention “fairness”) and there are plenty of us on the outside pointing this out. But you, who have the mantra of “GOP leaders” – where are you? Your silence is shocking to the point of disgraceful. At best you are inept. At worst, you are cowards, unwilling to engage your political foes.

There is no shortage of issues, and opportunities available to you. You should be having a ball exposing and neutralizing the leftist press, not to mention the leftwing political opposition (or do I repeat myself?), yet you’re AWOL from the debate. Herewith are just some of them:

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More on Pat Tillman: When Idiots Attack

Rene Gonzales is a graduate student at UMass. He is from Puerto Rico where, apparently, soldiers are pendejos or idiots.

Rene wrote an editorial for the school paper, the Daily Collegian. The title: Pat Tillman is not a hero: He got what was coming to him.

Something in that heading told me to just stop reading there. Click the X, close the page, hit the back button; do anything but read it.

Of course, I read it. And I am left with the conclusion that Rene Gonzales is, for all intents and purposes, a pendejo.

Mr. Gonzales makes a big mistake in his editorial. He confuses his anti-Iraq war stance with the war in Afghanistan. Oh, there are many other mistakes in his article, both of fact and judgment. But this line struck my as particularly ignorant:

For people in the United States, who seem to be unable to admit the stupidity of both the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars…

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Will the Left Kill Itself?

Recent political events in the West have left Christians despairing. Marriage, for example, is now being officially redefined to include same-sex couples. Much like George Orwell predicted, our language is being changed to suit a political movement that wants to control our future.

But as bad as things look, there is no reason for us to despair. Because the worldview underlying these movements and changes is false, it will ultimately fail. Societies based on blatant falsehoods about human nature cannot last.

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