Hope is sweet in sowing…

I broke one of my bottom-left molars a couple years ago.

But instead of taking the time to consult a dental specialist and have the necessary work done to repair the problem, I shrugged my shoulders and leaned back into the grindstone. Such things, I reasoned to myself, are luxuries for those with more disposable income and less obligations.

There was only a trifling amount of irritation and no significant blemish in my appearance. I told myself that I could perhaps look into the matter at a later date, when circumstances made it more convenient — or even more of a priority.

An ache which, at first, only existed as a mild twinge in the back corner of my consciousness eventually became a rare but insistent interruption … especially when I would bite off more than I could chew.

In the last year or so, the problem has only become more apparent. The tooth has taken on an increasingly bruised discoloration and even the most incidental contact would send the synapses in my brain firing on all cylinders.

When I paid a visit to the emergency room Monday afternoon (after nearly passing out from how severe the pain had become) one of the first things asked of me was: “So, uh, when were you going to get around to getting this taken care of?”

“Eventually…” was all the wit I could muster in the throes of my misery.

“Well, it’s eventually now,” the doctor responded.

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Stones that the Builders have refused…

Last night I had the good pleasure of spending company once again with dear brethren and fellow laborers…  it was a delight and I came away refreshed, in spite of the weariness of a long day’s toil.

My heart swells within my chest and I am rapt with wonder at what I am beholding at the hands of the Father, how He is moving…  drawing…  binding…  building.

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The Last Boy Scout

Boy Scouts of America celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

Founded by Chicago publisher W. D. Boyce in 1910 after a trip to England, based upon the ideas set forth by Lord Robert Baden Powell, the motto for which is “Be Prepared.”

Rusk County native and Eagle Scout Johnny Sproles knows a thing or two about being prepared.

During a duck hunting trip with friend and mentor C.L. Hopson in December 1953, Sproles saved the lives of two men who had fallen into the frigid waters of the river.

Hopson immediately went to get help, cautioning young Sproles to keep his eye on the men and to not enter the freezing water himself. But when one of the men went under, Sproles was prepared.

Using the training and knowledge he gained through scouting, Sproles swam out to the man and eventually saved the lives of two men.

“‘Be prepared’ means to be prepared for anything,” Sproles said. “While you never know just what life is going to send your way, scouting teaches you that, wherever you are or whatever is happening, you need to look ahead and see things through […] with time it becomes a way of life.”

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