He is risen indeed… so now what?

So it is Easter. Hallelujah and amen. He is risen, He is risen indeed. Great, grand, wonderful! So…  now what?

We have been reminded of and celebrated the fact that Jesus conquered sin and death and rose from the grave. Churches around the world did their best to worship God and inspire people. Choirs burst forth in song, preachers gave their all, the faithful dressed in their best. And with that, Easter for this year is over.

So…  now what? What will you do differently in light of all the assurance, hope, and inspiration you received on this glorious Easter morning?

To my son on his birthday…

Today you turned ten years of age, my eldest son, today is your birthday.

I still remember that pre-Dawn drive to the hospital on that rainy Oklahoma morning. After waiting all morning you finally arrived in the afternoon, to a clear and breezy beautiful afternoon.

You are at a curious crossroads in your development, Israel, with so many varied and strange emergent facets of your personality developing.

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Local jobless rates higher than state average


Rusk County unemployment checked in at 6.6 percent in January, staying just over state and national averages for the same period, according to the March report released from the Texas Workforce Commission.

The county’s unemployment rate rose from 5.5 percent in December 2012.

The new local figures are based on total countywide employment being at 25,173 in January, a decrease of 102 jobs from 25,275 for December 2012.

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