“…O, that Thy Love might overflow my heart!”

Edward Taylor (1642-1729) was a colonial American Poet, Physician, and Puritan Minister. Born in England, Taylor emigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1668. During his voyage to America, Taylor chronicled his Atlantic crossing from April 26, 1668 to his landing July 5, 1671 in his now published diary. Upon graduating from Harvard, he became … Continue reading “…O, that Thy Love might overflow my heart!”

Real Life Is My Highlight Reel

Inspired by a recent blog post (admittedly, by someone that I do not really know) concerning his Top 5 favorite moments in athletic competition – I thought of my own.

Granted, most of my memories are clouded by the many athletic achievements that I cruelly pressed at the subjugation of others – so considering this, I instead chose to focus on different sorts of achievements. Moments when the “will to power” was suppressed beneath the child-like love of Sport – as well as, the affection and loyalty of my teammates.

Here is the first in a forthcoming series of my Top 5 favorite sports memories – in no particular order, of course:

#5 – September 29th 1988 – Longview, Texas

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Bringing Down The Stronghold In Which They Trust

Great ivy-laced cathedrals of thought, built by the pious for the devout study of GOD and His Creation. Invaded with a smile, overthrown with an embrace, laid low with silver cross`d palms and tenured ministers of Worldly-Wisdom.

How did this happen? How did higher education become synonymous with Liberal genuflection and radical fermentation?

Do I go too far? Am I just another petulant Christian, ignorantly aghast that others do not share my conservative outlook – desperate in my appeals to some idealized golden age, wherein all was right with the world and the leftists were kept safely under wraps?

Ha! Even if I were to hold this, King Solomon rebukes me: “Say not, `Why were the former days better than these?` For it is not from wisdom that you ask this.” Indeed. For though I know the answer I seek – still, I wish to further study the mechanism and complexities of such regress.

It is later than you or I might think.

I hear the words of some of the Faithful that labor within the principalities of Academia as Professors – who see this firsthand. Some things are reassuring, others are quite disturbing…

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