Troy Michael Parrish (1978-2010)

Troy Michael Parrish passed into Eternity on January 8th 2010, as a result of injuries suffered in a car accident.

I’m not sure that the preceding sentence can adequately capture the immensity of this terrible reality. You’d just have to know Troy to understand how utterly irrational it is to think that he is no longer with us.

Here it is, nearly a month after the fact, and I still cannot wrap my head around it…  it just doesn’t make sense.

I was there, I saw them lower him into the earth on a sunny and bitter-cold windswept day, yet I still want to think that I’ll see him somewhere…  at an OHS football game along the chain-link fence that surrounds the field, or filling up his truck at the Valero gas station, or carrying a blue sack of Kingsford charcoal briquets out of Brookshires…

…but I won’t.

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Contradictions Within/Without Abortion

This Friday marks the 37th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision in the United States Supreme Court, arguably the most controversial and politically significant case in the history of our country’s highest court.

In effect, this precedent repudiated state and federal restrictions on abortion that were in place at the time, prompting a national debate that continues even to this very day.

For those, like myself, born well after the fact, it’s rather difficult to imagine the socio-political influence of this case, to say nothing of the cultural implications.

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Leo O’Connor

Putting one’s beliefs into action was the topic as the Henderson Rotary Club heard from Christian missionary Leo O’Connor during their weekly luncheon meeting.

“Gospel work is not only about going out and telling people about Jesus,” O’Connor said. “But rather showing them what Jesus taught in how you live your life and the difference you make in the lives of others.”

O’Connor is a native of South Africa and serves as executive director of Gateway Services and Moya Discoveries.

Gateway Services is a nondenominational Christian ministry whose purpose is to fulfill the holistic gospel challenge of Jesus Christ by proclaiming the Word of God while also attending to the practical needs of the poor.

“If the gospel message is love, in its basic essence, then what is love practically?” O’Connor asked. “For those that thirst, the gospel is a drink of water, and for the hungry it is nourishing food.”

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A Strange Sinking Feeling of Vague Unease

In my younger years I had the great pleasure of sitting at the feet of a wiser older man who lived in my neighborhood, who was capable of giving me a personal glimpse into a past I had only known in musty books.

He grew up in the South during the Great Depression and served in World War II, which is not remarkable in itself, but he also happened to be the son of a noted economist of the time period.

During my teenage years, when I first began to foster the love of ideas and history that has, at this point, grown into a near-obsession, he was able to not only articulate substantial anecdotal recollections but also impart to me a considerably more scholarly insight than I was able to acquire in the standard-issue textbooks I perused in my public high school.

One time I asked him if his father had any intuition about the great Wall Street Crash of 1929, if there was anything that stood out or gave any indication that, even in hindsight, would benefit those that came after.

I remember he told me a lot of things. Unfortunately, I do not remember much of the technical details, but one remark stands out to this day.

“There was a strange sinking feeling of vague unease,” he said. “Like something wasn’t quite right but he couldn’t put his finger on it.”

At the time, this remark loomed large and it still echoes in my thoughts these two decades hence: a strange sinking feeling of vague unease.

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