Happy Birthday, Candace…

On this day, in the year of our LORD 1978, my precious wife was born to C. Samuel and Rhonda Gale Daniels in a suburb of Dallas. Yes… today my Candace turns 29 years of age, and this marks the eleventh birthday we have spent together – first as a couple, then as man and wife.

This day typically directs my thoughts forward and back in time, considering the times that have past and those that yet remain. I think on what I know of the years before our first encounter, the span that encompasses our present union, and whatever gilded days lay ahead of us.

For Candace, it seems, that the annual occurrence of the day of her birth holds no special significance beyond the most cursory reference… yet it is not so for me.

I would hold a weeklong feast, wherein all the various members of Candace`s far-flung family and friends would each, in turn, toast her health and share some anecdote of her rare and luminous person – former peers and co-workers to offer their testimony of her delightful character.

Gifts of every variety would I shower upon her, both of craft and hearth as well as bauble and trinket; fine linens and exquisite fragrances… would that I could manage such foolish lavishment. Thank heaven for small mercies.

Even so, I imagine that it shall be a quiet affair – simple and without much garnish of which to speak. Yet…

…if I remember accurately, this LORD`s Day eve shall be the occasion that our local assembly will formally celebrate the Thanksgiving feast… which shall be an elegant affair, with candlelight and song.

Perhaps it is, once again, some simple Providence that will grant that which I so desire for her?

As it has occured in other situations, the LORD has found a way to give me that for which I yearn – upon His own terms… that I would not only be so thankful for my dear sweet wife, but for all that He has blessed me with out of His merciful abundance.

May it be so, LORD, Amen.


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