The Havoc He Wreaketh

“He is a god of lower case g. The unspoken premise… of worlds, lives, baby universes, philosophies on instrumental strings, everything. It all dances to his thought gyrations. And, like his Grecian ancestors, he Creates and Destroys by whim, by sigh; by purposeless breath of eyelash insignificance… Dancing carelessly on crimson-stained toes, he thinks he … Continue reading The Havoc He Wreaketh

“…and I’m gonna be high as a kite by then…”

Reservations are confirmed… I will be flying out of Oklahoma City on Saturday July 28th at Noon (Central time), arriving in Cincinnati by 03:40 (Eastern time) and departing again by 04:35pm, touching down in Baltimore by 06:07 in the early evening. From which my uncle will be picking me up at the airport and taking … Continue reading “…and I’m gonna be high as a kite by then…”