“He is risen!” …so now what?

Early this past Sunday morning I woke up to read the Biblical account of the resurrection. As I did, something jumped out at me as it hadn’t before.

Three women followers of Jesus went to the tomb and encountered a gathering of angels who announced: “He is not here, but has risen…  just as He told you.”

And then, the Gospel account reads: “they remembered His words.”

They remembered His words? How in the world could they have forgotten them!

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Local reporter honored by Media Group

Matthew Prosser, staff writer and photographer for the Henderson Daily News, took home some hardware following the North and East Texas Press Association’s 2010 Better Newspaper Contest Saturday in Fort Worth.

Receiving runner-up honors in the “Journalist of the Year” category as well as award selections for news writing and photography, Prosser was honored in every category he was nominated.

“I sincerely appreciate the award,” he said. “Such a compliment from one’s own peers is high praise indeed.”

Judges from the NETPA praised Prosser’s writing for its clever use of language and creative insight into mundane affairs.

“It’s the small things that make his collection of work stand out,” said Sue Dunham, a NETPA jury panel representative. “The little details, the turns of phrase and the obvious thought that goes into each story.”

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He paid a debt He did not owe

I have a son, two of them in fact, and I love them more than life itself. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them and I would never turn my back on them.

So as I prepare for Good Friday, as a precursor to Sunday’s triumphant Easter, I admit I am struggling with the part in the Passion narrative where Jesus Christ is forsaken by God the Father.
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