Explosions In The Sky

Mood: shivering cold and chattering teeth…

Weather: mostly cloudy, the wind wakes with the Tides…

Reading: The Nature of the American System by Rousas John Rushdoony

Listening To: Songs For Christmas by Sufjan Stevens

I awake! It is still the early pre-Dawn hour, though behind me the sky explodes in shimmering gold-orange-red Sunrise prelude. My mind remains somewhat hazy from my restless sleep… dream-filled sleep. Focus is coming in slowly, as a cloudy lens in a cold dewy Morn.

Soon my steps will take me upstairs, downstairs, out the door, and down the road to my place of employment. I do not eschew the dance o` the hours that is soon to come, for I am one that is blessed as to have found a vocation wherewith I am remunerated to do what I would keenly do for gratis.

Therefore, my morning`s preparations are a glad chore – and my transport all the more so… and I confess, I do enjoy the morning commute `cross town. Annapolis is nothing if it is not a scenic vista and, when combined with all the bustling course of political industry, there is hardly a dull moment to be found.

It is rarely the same sort of thing… sometimes it is a motorcade with some dignitary being rushed about by sharp-eyed Secret Service officers and other times it is a couple thousand beltway urchins trying to get to DC at exactly the same time using the exact same thoroughfare… however, other times it is something as rustic as a train of well-fed Whitetail Deer ambling unperturbedly across our road.

The timing of this week`s Peace Summit occurring during the annual influx of Naval Academy alumnus to the Army-Navy football game has contributed to an additional 5-to-10 minutes to my ordinarily brief commute, but I like to take the scenic route anyway.

Even as I am not unfamiliar with the maddening rush of zealous college football devotees, I confess the scene here is a bit more “cheese & wine” and “brandy & cigar” urbanity than the “beer & barbecue” foam finger waving vehemence of the raucous Sooner Nation of Oklahoma.

In addition, I am slowly getting used to being so close to the corridors of power that reside in a suburb of the capital of Western Democracy. Everything from talking socio-political ethics and morality with a member of my church whom (I later discover) is the Maryland Speaker of the House, to questioning the Christian place in civic government with retired military brass and clean-shaven young Middies.

The city has been abuzz with activity since the commencement of the so-called “Annapolis Conference” in a way with which I am rather inexperienced – my wife, also, has found no shortage of amusement at the various strange corollaries of something so “significant” occurring in such close proximity.

On one hand, I am fascinated by the novelty of seeing so many of those that walk with heavy footsteps upon the face of the earth – but with sober resignation, I understand…

…I understand that the idols of the nations of the earth are silver and gold, the works of human hands. They have mouths, but do not speak; they have eyes, but do not see; they have ears, but do not hear – nor is there any breath in their mouths. Those who make them become like them, so do all who trust in them.

O, but I do go on long enough, even when my time wanes short…

May I go forth upon this morning blessed, laboring with all of my might by the strength of my hands and wits – returning home with the Westward Sun warming my shoulders and the hard East wind chilling my face.

May I return soon into the sweet bosom of my beloved ones, eating my bread and drinking my wine with a merry heart – in the glad hope that GOD would bless that to which I have given of myself for His Name.


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