Who decides what’s right?

Recently I have had two separate and seemingly unrelated conversations that provoked me into a deep feeling of reflection upon the future of our civilization.

The first was dealt with concerns of overpopulation and an increasing sense of unsustainability, while the other had more to do with what legacy our time will leave generations that follow.

An old friend (who is childless with plans to remain so) asked me (the father of four children with plans to someday adopt) whether I thought humanity should continue.

Responding to recent studies showing plunging birth rates in Europe and parts of the United States, he wondered if it wasn’t “for the best,” that the profligate spread of humanity start to wane and the last vestiges of our culture begin to disappear.

I remarked that my perspective on the future would, out of necessity, be informed by my view of the past as well as the present. To quote the literary character Judah Ben-Hur: “I believe in the past of my people and in their future.”

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Sabine soars past Overton, 28-12

LIBERTY CITY – Playing with two senior two-way starters sidelined with injuries, Overton was unable to hold back a tenacious Sabine rushing onslaught, giving up more than 300 yards of total offense for the first time this season in a 28-12 defeat at the hands of the Cardinals.

Overton falls to 1-4 on season going into their bye week, while Sabine improves to 2-3.

Mustangs head coach Bo Talkington conceded that injuries played a part but refused to make excuses for the loss.

“Sabine came out and played well, they made some plays, we just failed to stop them consistently in the first half,” he said. “We made some adjustments coming out of the break and I was proud with how our players fought back and worked to stay in the game.”

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On building a barn…

“Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a good carpenter to build one.”

– former U.S. House Speaker Sam Rayburn D-Texas, (1882-1961)

I was in my hometown barber shop, getting my customary disheveled send-up on the classic “high-and-tight” haircut, when a common topic came up: the town and the latest hearsay going around.

But it was no mere gossip we exchanged.

Our conversation was of a greater depth than the latest calumny or scuttlebutt of divorces and drunken carousing.

In fact, it centered more upon matters of economic development, questions of venture or equity capital, and the increasing decline of municipal sales tax revenue in our humble corner of Rusk County.

You see, like me, my barber has strong roots in the community as well as a distinct zeal to help her hometown make the most of its resources.

At one point in our conversation she shared a recent experience that I found troubling.

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Jarrod James King (1960-2010)

This letter was written the night of Jarrod’s funeral on September 12th 2010, it is only being made public now at the most ardent request of the one person I showed it too…  who shall remain nameless.

Dear Jarrod,

We buried you today. Not buried in the literal sense, as you were cremated, but in the figurative, metaphorical sense. Today was your funeral, and it was one of the most agonizing experiences I have ever endured.

A number of people got up and spoke on your behalf, saying a few words in parting, and sharing out of the abundance of their love for you. Though few spoke with any eloquence, they all spoke the truth with sincerity and passion. I can think of no truer eulogy for you.

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Mustangs shutout Cushing, 14-0

Overton got its first win of the 2010 season in impressive fashion, with a 14-0 shutout over Cushing on Friday night.

With the win the Mustangs improve to 1-3 while the Bearkats fall to 0-4.

Mustangs head coach Bo Talkington praised his defense for bending but not breaking, turning away the Cushing offense inside the red zone on three occasions and picking off two passes, one of which was returned for a touchdown.

“The boys have been working hard and getting better each week,” he said. “They’ve battled back time and time again and showed a lot of character.”

But, Talkington added, any celebrations will be short-lived.

“It’s a well-earned victory on their part, they deserve it, and we’re going to enjoy it,” he said. “But we’re going to go back home, study film and go right back to work […] there’s still a lot more football to be played.”

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On the importance of getting dirty…

I don’t always watch television, but when I do, I prefer Dirty Jobs. It’s one of the very few shows I can tolerate on a consistent basis.

Not only that, I think it is an important program, especially for young people. Let me explain…

At first glance I took it as just another low-brow “reality show” targeting the lowest common denominator, with the running gag of a handsome wise-cracking television personality being forced to endure the sort of “elbow grease” that a lot of blue collar workers have to encounter on a daily basis.

That’s the basic premise, to be sure, but I believe there’s something more to this… an idea, just beneath the surface.

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Wildcats escape Mustangs, 25-22

It was a classic slugfest at Wildcat Stadium on Friday night, with Mount Enterprise (2-1) delivering the knockout punch in the final minutes of play of a 25-22 victory over Overton.

Zack Moore, the Wildcats sophomore quarterback, hit senior tight end Grant Grubbs over the middle from 27 yards out for the go-ahead touchdown with 3:45 left in the fourth.

Down 25-22 with time running out, Overton (0-3) drove to midfield before the drive stalled.

On fourth and long the Mustangs own sophomore quarterback K.J. Luster rolled to the right and fired a tight spiral to junior wideout Dalton Jeffers.

But the pass was knocked away by Wildcats senior defensive back Kyle Benevidez to ice the win.

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