Mark Tindle


Father – Oklahoman

Composer – Teacher

Performer (Guitar/Banjo/Dulcimer)

Mark Tindle has played Music most of his life and has been a professional Musician for over twenty years. He is an accomplished player and teacher of the mountain Dulcimer, acoustic Guitar, and bluegrass Banjo. He began playing the Guitar at age eleven and the Banjo at age sixteen.

Tindle first picked up the mountain Dulcimer in 1982 and is regarded today as one of the finest and most innovative Dulcimer players in the country. His Music includes traditional American and Irish tunes, classical and contemporary pieces, as well as Church hymns and his own original works.

Tindle has won several mountain Dulcimer playing competitions including two National Mountain Dulcimer Championships. He has performed at many major Dulcimer events throughout the country and is a highly respected instructor and contest judge. His concerts are always well received and often include Guitar and vocal. His latest creative energies have been focusing on writing Christian Music for worship and edification.

Tindle`s unique Music seems to reach people of all ages and walks of life by reflecting the sensitive, personal touch inherent in the mountain Dulcimer. Through his effective teaching methods, many students have also grasped new playing skills to further enhance their fulfillment and enjoyment with the Dulcimer.

Mark lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife (and best friend) Melissa and their six wonderful children: James, John, Andrew, Benjamin, Mary, and Hannah.

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