A Year In The Making

Another year has passed; another Reading List draws to a close. Not a moment too soon…

Following a tradition I started some two years hence (the 2004 list, and the 2005 list), I have kept a running account of the books I have read over each month of this now dying year – a version in brief that I kept along the right-side margins of my journal as well as a more exhaustive version within a document I kept on the desktop of my Analytical Engine. `Twas, in a sense, two sets of books.

As I have in the past, I am omitting almost all books of poetry & sonnets as well as any articles or essays I have read over the last year – for no better reason than that, due the sheer amount thereof, this list would take a character of far more pretension than I believe it already does. On any given day I might read at least two or three articles and/or essays, of untold variety or depth of scholarship – and for this reason my record-keeping of such is erratic, at best.

Looking back over the list, I am more than surprised by the glaring absence of almost anything Classical or profoundly literary (including what amounts to probably the least amount of Shakespeare I have read since my early childhood) as well as a significant (and therefore inexcusable) deficit of polemical work as compared to recent years – with a seeming greater emphasis on works pertaining to Music (or the Arts, in general) than usual.

I surmise this might have been somehow impacted by the role of Music Minister I have undertaken since the mid-point of the year while the earlier months of the year were consumed by more Academic themes.

However, to have read two Stephen King books in one year (On Writing and The Stand) and only one work of Shakespeare (King Lear) is ridiculous. What was I thinking?!

Nevertheless, thus follows my Reading List of anno Domini 2006

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Where Is Your Joy?

Where is your hope, your gladness, your resolve of character, your joy in the midst of trials? Are you so utterly conquered by the slings and arrows of life that you lie prostrate even before the very doorway of the Celestial City? Can the delight of the all-wise bright LORD of Heaven and Earth be … Continue reading Where Is Your Joy?

O, Death…

As the year wanes away into the past, I think on the cold hard touch of Death that has pursued me throughout… Of all the friends & family whom I have buried and bid adieu, of all my desperate implorings for those to fall upon the mercies of the Cross, of all those sainted dear … Continue reading O, Death…

…did not I?

They slander You, ancient Master of Time, who say that Your delight is to scatter Ruin far and wide in mere wantonness of might. For not a leaf that falls before Your care-filled eyes, that by Your will shalt not become untold brighter things. Your passage o`er the battlefield where the Dead lie stiff and … Continue reading …did not I?