Fare Thee Well

Today is my last day of work at the school at which I have served as a Teacher and mentor to the many troubled students in my care. I will be starting my new position upon the forthcoming Monday, and have been graciously released by my current employers to take this wonderful opportunity at my … Continue reading Fare Thee Well

Living For A Working

Last week I accepted an offer of full-time employment from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis as an Assistant Director for a club in the local vicinity; I am to start work this coming Monday (March 31st). While this position includes the usual administrative remunerances (base salary, insurance benefits, paid holidays/vacations), it is the … Continue reading Living For A Working


Earlier today, I devoted the entirety of my Luncheon hour to writing a journal entry on some recent developments. I wrote the entry, proofread the text, did a quick revision of a paragraph or two, and saved the file to my email account (as I am unable to access my journal from the school`s Server). … Continue reading Blocked!