Let us give thanks…

So I was in a local mart of commerce a few weeks back, attempting to find some fertilizer in the lawn and garden section of this particular store, when I noticed the section had been utterly usurped of its stated purpose and replaced by Christmas decorations.

My annoyance at being unable to find the fertilizer aside, I could not help but marvel at how sudden the change in the holiday season from All Hallow’s Eve to Yuletide.

As the kindly elder man (who helped me find the fertilizer) rang my purchases up, I could not help but remark: “What happened to Thanksgiving?”

“Not enough money in it,” he quipped with a sly wink.


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falling off the (band)wagon

I had an interesting experience of reading two seeming unrelated, though similar, stories juxtaposed against each other in a span of minutes.

The first one being an op-ed column by a religion writer for a large media outlet, concerning the drastic drop-off in the practice of tithing among both mainstream and evangelical churches.

The second one being a terse business report, showing a significant plunge in popularity for University of Texas apparel at Walmart stores statewide.

How are the two related?

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“…the long historian of my country’s woes…”

“…nine painful years on that detested shore,
what stratagems we formed, what toils we bore!

‘Twas GOD’s high will the victors to divide,
and turn the event, confounding human pride;
some were destroyed, some scattered as the dust,
but not all were prudent and not all were just…”

Recently I had the rare privilege of sharing libations with an old friend of mine. Rare because my friend is an officer in the United States armed forces, and only in town for a brief leave before he returns to his post overseas.

During our palaver, I tried to keep our conversation centered upon lighter matters than the ongoing military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. Stammering around for idle talk (which I typically abhor), I asked him what books he had been reading lately.

My friend gave me a knowing smile and answered that he’d been reading Homer’s “Odyssey” ever since he’d arrived home.


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Overton ISD talks stadium, gym concerns

A local resident peppered Overton Independent School District trustees with some direct questions concerning ongoing campus building projects Monday night at the regular monthly board meeting.

Shane McCasland, who has three children enrolled in the district and a nephew who competes in varsity athletics, asked several questions on campus construction projects.

McCasland stressed that he wasn’t trying to provoke board members.

“I’m not trying to get on to anybody or stab someone in the back,” he said. “I just want to give you an opportunity to respond to some of the concerns that the parents and residents have raised about this project […] to allow you to correct any of the misunderstandings or rumors that might be floating around out there.”

The main concern McCasland brought up was the new sets of bleachers installed.

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Gettin’ my “pump” on…

I don’t want to go so far as to say that I “need” music in order to work out, only that I “want” it…  I do not think it makes my workout any more productive or even makes it go by quicker (which can be a great asset on my “burnout” days) but it certainly adds to the experience.

Maybe it’s like hot fudge. A sundae all by itself is pretty durned tasty, but you drop some hot fudge on it and you’ve taken your tastes to a whole new level. Wait, should I be talking about working out and hot fudge sundaes at the same time?


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Hawkins outlasts Overton, 49-28

In a battle of big play offense and “in the trenches” defense it was the Hawkins Hawks (6-4, 2-2) coming out on top of a 49-28 shootout with the Overton Mustangs (2-8, 1-3).

Overton rolled up nearly 500 yards of total offense, but was plagued by drive-killing turnovers, which gave the opportunistic Hawks excellent field position time and time again.

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Where we’ve been, where we’re going…

My generation and I came of political age in the 1990s, specifically in ‘92 with the election of the guy who played saxophone on Arsenio Hall and promised he didn’t inhale.

A combination of political, economic, and sociological factors spelled doom for incumbent George Bush Sr., resulting in Bill Clinton becoming the 42nd President of these United States.

Though most of my teenaged friends and peers were woefully uninformed of the deeper issues at work (to say nothing of their ideological underpinnings), there was a sudden charge of interest in the political process.

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