Reading List:April

Only five books this month, and not terribly voluminous ones at that.

I am not really sure what happened, save only for certain distractions and occupations of recent tumults.

Admittedly, the first quatrain of days was almost wholly devoted to various referential readings of the Messiah – His pre-existence, His foretelling, His imminence, His life & work, His death & resurrection, His return, and His glory forever.

Following hard upon these studies, the works that I read thereafter could not help but seem frivolous and trifling… with only rare exception.

I can say that I feel this was a much better month for reading than the last… or, at least, it seems as such.

Here and now, is my record of readings for the month of April:

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The Foggy Dew

I heard it often as a boy… either the tune whistled merrily by my great-grandfather, as his sky-blue eyes focused upon the distant horizon; or the lyrics belted out, with chest-thumping ferocity, by my uncles (after a dozen or so too many pints). `Tis the rousing Irish anthem: The Foggy Dew. As down the glen … Continue reading The Foggy Dew

The LORD`s Day

Worship Service starts at 2:30pm. Sermon by Benjamin Johnson “…Moses and Aaron did as the LORD commanded. In the sight of Pharaoh and in the sight of his servants, he (Aaron) lifted up the staff and struck the water in the Nile – and all the water in the Nile turned into blood. The fish … Continue reading The LORD`s Day

Born Condemned To Death

I recently had a dream where I was working in the deep institutional bowels of some green-tinted “medical” facility – it reminded me of the morgue and autopsy areas with which I delivered many expired patients during my time at Mother Frances Hospital. Overbearing fluorescent lights, antiseptic chemical odors, and eerie stillness. Yet, from the … Continue reading Born Condemned To Death

Colin`s 30th

When I first met Colin, I did not like him; he was just too… nice. Of course, this was Junior High School and I was a foolish boy. As I got to know him, I became well versed with his singular charm and rapist wit. The usual shenanigans, tomfoolery, and ballyhoo surrounding us and our … Continue reading Colin`s 30th