Am I Sure?

I awake to the smell of cooked chicken embryos and frying pork flesh. I can hear the television’s pallid clicks and dribbles of Muppets and counting songs. I walk out into the living room and Gaelynn is waltzing around the room holding a mutilated piece of toast singing along with Elmo and etc…

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I was rather proud of myself tonight. From 11:30pm to 2:45am I wrote fifteen songs. A little too fast to be ready, but the framework is there. My writing is definitely going in a Psalmist direction – my initial suspicions are confirmed.

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Almost midnight, had a pleasant enough outing. Here and there and wandering about town. Still thinking about my life increasingly. Little else to bother with. Past and future converge on the vicious present. Haunted by memories and visions, thoughts turn to dear ones far away. How I want to hold them all in a tight embrace, pressed into my chest; how I want to give them all that I am – to open what is locked away inside in the dark and allow them into the arcane chambers of my heart. Will I?

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