So this is Christmas…

Christmas…  lovely, glorious, beautiful, sacred Christmas.

It began with the usual flourish…  of eager tiptoes hastening down the staircase, wrapping paper being torn asunder, and the joyful cheers of happy children.

Their eyes twinkled with the beauty of the ribbons and paper, it seemed that none of them wished to dash the pristine magnificence of the tree and the many packages which crowded around the trunk. The stillness was only for a moment’s peace before they plunged into the cornucopia quivering with desire and the ecstasy of unbridled avarice.

My beloved oversaw the festivities while I snapped a few photos and stoked the fire…

Gaelynn’s eyes roved over everything, as though she wished to impress every aspect of the gifts before partaking, and opened each of her gifts before delving into their particulars.

Israel savored each gift, removing it from its box after tearing away the gaudy wrapping, and then exploring it to his satisfaction before moving on to the next.

Sophia was the reveler, celebrating with each exclamation of joy or surprise that came from her siblings. As always, all was spectacle for her.

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Christmas Eve

A day spent in relative leisure, culminated in an outing to church for Christmas Eve services.

Instead of the customary “Sunday-best” wardrobe for such an occasion, we bundled the children in their warm woolen pajamas with coats, scarves, and gloves.

Considering the lateness of the hour, as well as our plans to adjourn from the preceding to drive about the town viewing the many Yuletide startlements upon eave and shutter, we thought this to be practical as well as more comfortable for the children. It occurred to me that someone might make a deprecatory remark or, at the very least, raised a perturbed eyebrow… but I dismissed it as being overly finicky.

Imagine my surprise when I was accosted by a number of the parents of our congregation, each praising such a prudent approach and remarking that they might take such a course of action for future reference.

The evening service was lovely, flickering candles and garlands green created a delightful ambience combined with the ethereal singing of the great hymns of the Faith and Carols of the Season.

Afterward, we departed the sanctuary in embrace and handshake… echoes of “Merry Christmas” flowed out of the warmth of the entrance hall and into the cold Winter night.

O, we shall miss these dear ones something fierce.

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It’s GO time…

Today, Candace enters her thirty-seventh week of pregnancy with our youngest son Liam. Which mean that the baby is fully developed and “viable” to come out without any further ado. While reaching full-term is comforting, anything can happen. I can say this: if he is anything like his brother and sisters, he will stay in … Continue reading It’s GO time…

…join the Conspiracy

Everyone wants Christmas to be “meaningful” but instead it becomes: shop `til you drop, credit cards, traffic jams, to-do lists, useless gifts… and then, off to church. “Noel, noel, noel…” Sometimes we`re glad just to survive it. Did you know Americans spend 450 billion (that`s $450,000,000,000) on Christmas every year? So, how did Jesus celebrate? … Continue reading …join the Conspiracy