Rose Parade

You asked me to come down and watch the parade, to march down the street like the Duracel bunny. But we get away from the cavalcade, throwing out candy that looks like money, to people passing by, they`d all seem to be going the other way… So won`t you follow me down to the Rose … Continue reading Rose Parade

The Logic of Christ

“The scandal of the evangelical mind,” historian Mark Nolls notes in his book of the same name, “is that there is not much of an evangelical mind.”

Almost ten years have passed since The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind sounded a wake-up call to thinking Christians and over that time significant progress has been made. Though much work remains, evangelical Christians have regained much of the intellectual ground we have lost.

The real scandal, however, is that evangelicals fail so miserably in their commanded task of “putting on the mind of Christ.”

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Time to go…

We ate a delicious dinner at an unparalleled Mexican restaurant. It was a grand time. The food was spectacular and the atmosphere festive. For the first time in several years, my parents sat down to dinner with all of their children. After packing the car, and saying our goodbyes we drove to my wife`s uncle’s … Continue reading Time to go…

Aftermath (hee hee)

Balmy east Texas weather and good company has made this day rather pleasant. I have spent most of the day refuging in the bosom of my dear family. Talking and laughing about times gone past. I have been throwing the old pigskin around and building campfires – two of my many talents. Speaking of which… … Continue reading Aftermath (hee hee)

Do not read until X-Mas

Christmas Day Hunky dory. The usual ritual of unwrapping presents and the like. Not for me, of course, but my little ones. Gaelynn adores the pageantry of Christmas far more than the “getting stuff”. Although Christmas is relatively de-emphasized in my household, there is no restraining the enthusiasm of my and my wife’s families. To … Continue reading Do not read until X-Mas