To the graduates of the Class of 2012…

This weekend high schools throughout East Texas and colleges throughout our nation will hold commencement ceremonies, as yet another graduating class prepares to take their talents to the next level in education, vocation, and life itself.

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What comes next is a greater game: the game of life

The day after his last athletic competition for Overton High School senior Timothy Hawkins posted on Facebook that “the second day is always the worst.”

Hoping to cheer him up with a little self-deprecating humor, I mentioned that it had been well over 6,000 days since I last participated in varsity athletics for OHS and it was still something I missed.

The only consolation I could offer at the time was: “it gets better” and indeed it does.

A few days later senior Christopher Harris sprinted his way to a Top 5 finish in the UIL State Meet in Austin. While two gold medals were no doubt his goal, Harris did his town, his school, and himself proud by running among the very best in our great state.

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Why I (almost) always carry a knife

I stopped by the county courthouse this morning and passed through the metal detectors installed at the front entrance. Into a plastic bucket I placed my phone, some spare change, and my keys before walking through the machine.

Upon proving to the deputies posted nearby that I was not concealing anything, I gathered my sundries and continued on my way.

“Excuse me,” one deputy said, stepping in my way, “you’re going to have to check that here.”

My keychain, consisting of a half dozen keys and a full-sized Swiss Army knife, would have to stay with the fine deputies of the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office while I handled my business in the courthouse.

Fair enough, after all, if men were angels no laws would be necessary.

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