“O, let me leave my Crook with you…”

After a frenetic late-morning of running harried from one meeting and task to another, I looked forward to a quiet hour on Luncheon, in the cool quiet solitude of my office…  and then the peace was dashed by a sudden cacophony of murmurs, giggles, and stomping feet hastening down the stairs outside my door.

What happened next was a blur…  for a goodly contingent of my Legacy friends & brethren burst into my office and seized me out of my chair, overturning my dry turkey-on-wheat sandwich and bottle of water in the process.

Amidst the roar of voices and laughter, I discerned that they wished to give me a proper send-off at a local establishment…  to toast my health and send me with a blessing of good cheer, and there is no better venue for such an endeavor than the Ram’s Head Tavern.

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“…fain will find as sterling all as all is smart…”

This morning my youngest brother Joshua departs for Basic Training in Ft. Andrew Jackson, nestled deep within the central coastal plains of South Carolina.

Joshua will undergo eleven weeks of intense physical training and military indoctrination before returning home for a brief furlough.

From there he will be stationed at Ft. Sill for his AIT for about a month or so before beginning his active-duty deployment, likely to be in either Germany or Korea.

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Charles Darwin has a Posse

Apparently, today is the two-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin.

While I cannot say that I have ever made much of an effort to keep track of this date, whether during my days as an Atheist or now as a Theist, the significance of this occasion has been foisted upon me zealously for the better part of this week.

Be it the giddy efforts of local clergy in my community, or the numerous forwarded editorials being carried in mainstream periodicals; hard-line Skeptics and earnest young Baptists alike are celebrating this event…  Darwin, it seems, has a Posse.

Charles Darwin is credited with providing the groundwork for modern evolutionary theory: that all species of biological life evolved over time from a common ancestor through a process he termed Natural Selection. In essence… that only the “strong” survived. Of course, the strong could be whatever organism propagated the most abundantly or aggressively.

Essentially, Darwin’s research did much to usher in an innovative Naturalistic paradigm, wherein the diversity of all living organisms could be retroactively delineated to an origin of singularity.

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