Finding Fellow Workers

I just met with a gentleman whom has expressed a desire to work at our church in the function of musical accompanist – playing the Piano and/or Guitar. He`s probably around forty years of age and works up at OU in the College of Continuing Education. Well-educated and somewhat experienced in public performance, he seems … Continue reading Finding Fellow Workers

Fathers & Sons

This afternoon, while my wife and daughter were out on an errand, Israel and I went for a good long walk around the neighborhood. It was a fine time. Just the two of us, meandering about in long stretches of tranquility… As my children have grown over these last couple years, I have been careful … Continue reading Fathers & Sons

The Game Of Philosophy

Several years ago, I discovered a particularly hilarious satire (by the English comedy troupe Monty Python) which concerned a philosophical “soccer match” between two of the more influential schools of Western thought – namely, Germany and Greece… “…and here come the Germans now, led by their skipper “Nobby” Hegel. They must surely start favorites this … Continue reading The Game Of Philosophy

Be Thou My Vision

Be Thou My Vision is a traditional Christian hymn, which can be traced to ancient Ireland but is now sung in English-speaking Protestant churches around the world. The text (originally known as Rop T Mo Baile) is attributed to poet/evangelist Dallan Forgaill in the 6th century as a lorica, an early Christian invocation for protection, … Continue reading Be Thou My Vision