…if I’m coming or going.

So it is the end of a long day at work and I am making the familiar drive homeward when I notice a vehicle identical to mine pass by, heading the opposite direction back toward the offices of the Henderson Daily News.

“Whoa,” I think to myself, “I can’t tell if I’m coming or going.”

It appears the make and model of my car is a common one, because I see its “relatives” quite often.

One time my daughter noticed this, remarked to me about it, saying apparently we had already gone to the grocery store and are on our way home.

I quipped in response that I didn’t think the “Einstein-Rosen Bridge” was located in Rusk County. I’m pretty sure the reference was lost on her. In fact, I’m not sure I understand it myself.

Sometimes I indulge in this absurd premise and imagine I am peering into the fabric of space-time, that I am actually given a glimpse into the many paths I travel in the course of a typical day.

Naturally it makes sense that I should pass by myself during these travels, though direct eye-contact might be a trifle awkward.

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Fever Break

What is this curious moisture falling from the sky?

Fat droplets hit the streets, steam rises in a thick gauzy haze, the cracked earth groans and fills with small streams as the rain suddenly pours forth in great raging torrents.

Our feverish days have broken in sweet relief.
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A father, again…

“I’m late,” she said.

“How late?” I responded.

“Late, late,” she said, emphasizing the first word in the repetition.

“Whoa…” I said, as my thoughts turn into a kaleidoscopic vision of what lay ahead for the next nine months.

I’m going to be a father, I thought to myself. But I’m already a father. I’ve got four living children and one in Heaven.

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward…”

Children change everything.

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Crazy from the Heat

We usually raise the thermostat on our air conditioner at night, somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But with the ongoing heat wave we’ve been experiencing here in Rusk County, we’ve been keeping it right around 80 during the day and nudging it higher after sundown.

Our hope is twofold: to keep our electric bill down, while also acclimating to what looks to be yet another long, hot summer season. In a time where it seems most places seem to keep their climates in the lower 70s, a few degrees can make a world of difference in cost as well as comfort. But isn’t comfort relative?

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Does our technology surpass our humanity?

“It is appallingly obvious our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

(attributed to Albert Einstein, in 1951)

I think mankind has always had something of a love-hate relationship with technology, specifically insofar as it touches commerce and interpersonal relationships.

Sure, we like what it brings to us culturally as well as personally, but how well do we counter what this great ease costs us?

A tremendous irony that I fear has been lost on many in my own generation is how the technological gains, which have stood to connect us, can so easily render us all but completely disconnected with ourselves and each other.

Handheld peripherals can certainly be handy tools. They’re quick, require only a nominal amount of technical understanding, and often come bundled with a vast assortment of supplemental programs and widgets which enhance the personal computing experience.

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