Reading List:July, August,& Everything After

It`s been quite a while since I was able to sit down and look back upon what I`ve read over the last month… in recent months I have been consumed with all of the various variables surrounding our relocation to Annapolis and the acclimation thereof – such that whatever rare intermittent entries I have been able to dash down during this time could only hope to capture the thinnest residue of each day`s abundance.

Even now, I do not think that I am able to compile a comprehensive prcis of each text due to the lateness of this hour and the earliness of my tomorrow`s commencement. However, rather than fall further behind, I will briefly respond to a couple of the works that stood out from the rest…

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"…his little throat labours with inspiration…"

Mood: Ebullient Weather: Last night`s rain coolly glazes today`s Sunny morn… Reading: The Princeton Theology (1812 – 1921), edited by Mark Noll, Ph.D. Listening To: Into The Wild (soundtrack), by Eddie Vedder Sitting at my desk writing, surrounded by abounding sensory delights… …the sounds of good music, my children playing, and the wind through the … Continue reading "…his little throat labours with inspiration…"

Where… to begin?

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