By The Sweat Of The Brow

Today was full, and I type this with bleary eyes and weary hands.

I was able to finish the final remnant of my Art History coursework during the morning and, after furiously reviewing my notes, took the Final Exam during the afternoon hour.

A little while later I received a very kind email from my professor telling me that I had not missed a single question on the Final and congratulating me in achieving an unprecedented level of success in his class. With a string of perfect scores which spans from one end of the term to the other, my average in his class is a solid 100 – and I am awestruck.

May the LORD alone be glorified by the humble trifles of His grateful servant`s hands.

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all that is… is His

Bioethics, being the branch of ethics concerned with issues surrounding the physiological care of human beings (to a lesser degree, animals and plants) and the implications thereof.

As my personal ethics are undergirded by a Christian paradigm, I must follow a rational and Biblically-supported logic from my ethical presuppositions to their moral implications concerning these specific issues.

Given that I view human beings as created in the image of GOD and, as such, endowed by their Creator with a unique innate value, I categorically reject any form of “mercy” death and/or “mercy” killing as being contrary to the plain command of GOD (Exodus 20:13, Proverbs 6:16-19, Matthew 15:19, Romans 1:28-29, Revelations 22:14-15).

Furthermore, I believe it is the solemn duty of those within the calling of the health care profession to preserve and protest human life to the utmost of their talents and abilities; caring for their patients with respect for the dignity of their persons in addition to their fundamental value as human beings and taking no direct course of action which might bring those in their charge into physical impair – a virtue that even the ancient Hippocratic Oath seems to endorse.

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After His Good Will

Today has been almost lost entirely `neath the pile of a week`s work. Amongst the consensus of my professors I have noticed that while some seem to only be going through the motions to finish out the term, others are bringing down the hammer to squeeze in as much as they can before Finals week … Continue reading After His Good Will