Homeward Bound

Monday afternoon. Leaving soon. Moon. June. Spoon. Candace is preparing our luggage and organizing the van for our return trip this evening. This little sojurn has been a pleasant enough excursion – greatly beneficial for strengthening my resolve and reminding us why we left. I do not mean that in a cynical sense, but in … Continue reading Homeward Bound

Just Keep Swimming

After the long day of ceremonies and glad-handing people that knew a shadow of my former self, a long swim in the In-Laws` pool was just the Egg-Drop Soup for the Soul that I needed – my wife and children as well. We stayed out until after the Sun had dipped beneath the horizon and … Continue reading Just Keep Swimming

Pomp And Happenstance

There are few American conventions for which I have much affection; among the least of these would be graduation ceremonies. Perchance, once I have shuttled my own children through the spires of matriculation, I will have a bit more tolerance of these vain festivals. However, as it is now, I find them to be ponderous … Continue reading Pomp And Happenstance

Bring The Rain

Today is the graduation party for Candace’s sister. A poolside luau with barbecue, swimming, and back-yard volleyball. In true cynical form, it has been raining all day. For nearly a month there has been a mild drought in the East Texas area – but a few days ago, just as we crossed the Red River, … Continue reading Bring The Rain

When In-Laws Attack

A laid-back conversation with my youngest brother (concerning his academic and professional ambitions) was suddenly and absurdly segued into a severe cross-examination and/or debate (with regard to my own current station in life) by my father. That sentence, for all intents and purposes, says it all – but I must continue… Where his charges were … Continue reading When In-Laws Attack

Man Of The Land

Hot. Now, I have never been to the breathless jungles of Indochina, nor have I been to the burning Mohammedan deserts – but I believe that in the years I have spent under the cruel east Texas sun, I know what it is to be cowed under an oppressive and heat. I remember this heat … Continue reading Man Of The Land