More Evidence of Global Warming

SAN FRANCISCO – The Global Defense Council has released new data that reinforces the need for action in the fight against Global Warming.

According to the group, the average temperature across the United States has jumped over 25 degrees in just the past four months.

Said Dr. Kevin M. Trudeau, director of the GDC:  “This is a catastrophic change in climate. To have the temperature change so drastically over so short a time could have devastating ecological consequences!”

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Uncle Mike

Tonight my mother and I went to a hospital in Tyler to visit her younger brother, my uncle, Michael.

Uncle Mike has struggled with chemical dependency for almost the entirety of his adult life. What started as “harmless” youthful experimentation quickly took hold and has held him in bondage ever since… at a dear cost.

He was once an exceptional athlete, charismatic, handsome, and naturally talented in a number of skills.

Drugs got him kicked off the team and expelled from school. Drugs came between him and a number of friends. Drugs cost him one job after another. Drugs ruined his marriage and estranged him from his own children. Drugs eventually got him thrown into prison, taking five years of his life.

My uncle is held captive in a dungeon of his own design, meticulously crafting the prison walls that keep him in utter darkness.

A recent foolish relapse, after a season of sobriety, brought him to the very precipice of death.

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the Wife of my Youth

This past weekend my beloved and I were able to venture out into an evening without the children, for the first time in quite awhile.

It was grand. Though I enjoy Candace in any context, it was especially pleasant to have a “date night” with my sweet wife.

We cruised into Longview and explored some of our old haunts, reminiscing about times gone past, before sitting down to a luscious feast of Tejano cuisine at Papacita’s…  one of our favorite local cantinas.

As we sat down in a shadowy enclave of the restaurant, our eyes met…  and I felt broadening warmth enclose my mind. In her bright ocean-water eyes, I saw the luminous flaxen-haired girl I first fell in love with, as well as the enchanting woman who holds me in her thrall to this very moment. Neither time nor age has lessened our fires.

I reflected upon how far we have come in recent years, and in recent weeks.

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Vacation Bible School

“Vacation Bible School” at our church reached its conclusion yesterday evening, the culmination of a long and sweaty week.

Hot Dogs, Soda Pop, and The Gospel.

The theme was Mega Sports Camp with four different sports for the youth (ages 5 to 12) to choose: Basketball, Cheerleading, Football, and Soccer.

It was my privilege to assist with the Football and to teach a few of the Bible Studies that interspersed our schedule.

Gaelynn chose to focus on Basketball, while Israel decided on Football. Candace rotated around a bit behind the scenes, also lending a hand with the Cheerleading group.

I thoroughly enjoyed working beside C.R. Evans, my old Junior High Coach/Algebra Teacher, and observing his interactions with my son. Watching “Coach” adjust my son’s hand-off technique and footwork, in addition to hearing his numerous aphorisms extolling old-school fundamentals, was a sublime pleasure that will stay with me for a long time.

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…LORD’s Day, 12th of July, in the hour of the Dragon.

Matthew Richard Prosser 07-12-2009

Seasons turn, glimmer and fade into each other… one day’s Dusk is another day’s Dawn.

It is this twelfth day, in the month of Julius, that marks my thirty-third year of life upon the Earth.

Though a steady blaze radiates in the hearth of my Soul, I think that I have felt this age more than others in recent recollection.

A garland of silver encloses my temple, shading the dark circles under my eyes.

My frame, though still hale and stalwart, takes a bit more care to convalesce from a strenuous workout or sporting leisure.

Indeed, it seems, that my mind has suffered the least of the ravages of aging o’er the last dozen months. Moreover, I feel it has flourished into a resonance that is, as yet, without precedence.

The procession of an idea, from its prior assumptions to its necessary implications, lay spread before me as a willing lover. Propositions of argument are revealed in their antecedents and consequents as never before…  and nowhere has this come to serve me as much as in dialogues of thought and belief with friends as well as peers.

Even so…  from this “lofty” vantage, I have come to better behold what heights I have yet to scale. With the revelry of a deeper understanding, comes a despair of just how far “down the rabbit hole” one must proceed before reaching its end…  if one can ever reach such a place.
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Empty Hand

Earlier this week, during my children’s Karate class, I watched as my son was disciplined by his instructors for exceeding the accepted parameters during one of his matches in a sparring session.

Israel was using techniques more appropriate for a barroom brawl than for formal martial arts instruction.

Straight jabs to the face and whirling leg sweeps earned only penalty points, gaining him a defeat to an opponent whom was unable to score on him otherwise (as well as twenty push-ups in penance).

Gaelynn has a far different approach, more hesitant and methodical. I watched her fall to a quick 2-0 deficit against one energetic opponent, only to rally back to a 3-2 victory using meticulous counterattacks and a conservative defense.

She tries very hard to not “fight” but to play a vigorous game of “tag” with her fellow students. I adore her delicate sensibilities.

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4th of July

“…I heard it in the wind
and I saw it in the sky,
and I thought it was the end
and I thought it was the 4th of July…”

Tell me again that ours is or was or should be a “Christian” nation, but first tell me what such an appellation even means.

Is it a nation that sanctions the death of millions upon millions of its unborn citizens?

Is it a nation that turns its head and remains silent, as thousands of Christians are martyred every week under oppressive regimes Atheistic, Hindu, and Islamic?

Is it a nation built upon the perverse Deistic framework of John Locke, which flourished under the tutelage of John Dewey’s Pragmatism and the “end justifies the means” ethos of the Robber Barons who lead and guide and direct public policy to this very hour?

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