"Who’s this guy?"

Matthew was born in New England but grew up all over the place, eventually settling down with his family to the Forests lovely dark and deep of East Texas.

The oldest of five children, Matthew has often found himself thrust into positions of leadership, while yet also drawn to solitude. Many count him familiar but only a precious few truly call him friend.

Matthew spends most of his time writing, reading, walking and talking. A position with the local county newspaper pays the bills, but it’s to his family and to his church that he devotes most of his passion.

A book of poetry and a novel set in East Texas are also in the works, but no official timeline on either is available.


3 thoughts on “"Who’s this guy?"

  1. Hey Matt,

    Seems like you landed on your feet and are doing well. I am glad. I posted my first entry on WordPress at your behest, albeit some years late, but I never have been one for punctuality much less punctuation… Drop a line of you so desire


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