A Year In The Making

Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh. In the last three hundred or so days, I have read many books – some of them quite good.

Following a new tradition that I started this time last year, I have sorted through lists upon scraps of paper (as well as the infrequently updated files I keep within my computer`s rusty transom) and composed a semi-exhaustive inventory of the many texts I have drunk into my mind.

To clarify my use of the expression “semi-exhaustive” I should explain that (in the interest of brevity, amongst others) I have chosen to omit certain types of work from this particular list – for example, I am omitting almost all of the poetry, sonnets, essays and articles I read during the past year, with a few notable exceptions (for personal reasons). Moreover, I also omitted the largesse of my Scriptural studies, choosing only to include Scriptures that I had read for sheer pleasure and in entirety – omitting isolated Scriptural studies and research. In a similar manner did I exclude other various texts that I read selected excerpts from – typically for inquiry of a specific purpose.

While my readings of this past year were each tiny worlds in themselves, I do indeed regret that this list is so pedantically voluminous – for, if I was able to steal away so many precious minutes to read such idle doodlings of the minds of foolish men, how much more so would I have benefited from allotting that time to further study of the Holy Scriptures? Do not these worldly texts pale before the pristine and inexhaustible Living Word of GOD?

May that be my prayer in the coming days – but for now, let me chronicle my readings of this dying year.

Thus follows my Reading List of anno Domini 2005

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