Terrorism, A Clinton Priority?

Tom Brokaw was playing government watchdog the other night, interviewing Condoleezza Rice right in the middle of the “NBC Nightly News.”

Now the evening anchors almost never do interviews during their newscasts, so you have to assume that Brokaw had something very important to ask. But how could you take Brokaw’s questioning seriously after watching him swallow whole Richard Clarke’s rotten-egg notion that fighting terrorism was Job One in the Clinton years?

The Brokaw transcript read like this: “Mr. Clarke said today that terrorism was the highest priority of the Clinton administration. It was important to you, but it was not the highest priority. Any student, I think, of the early days of your administration might have thought that China, Russia, Iraq, missile defense systems, were probably higher on the president`s agenda.”

Rice could have responded by falling out of her chair with laughter.

Terrorism, the highest priority of the Clinton administration?

Or she could have responded with a list of the real Clinton foreign policy priorities:

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Know Thyself…

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