Jack Ryan, Meet Bill Clinton

Jack Ryan watched his young career as a Senate candidate go up in smoke because the Chicago Tribune sued to bust the seal on his divorce papers from his wife, the “Star Trek” actress Jeri Lynn Ryan. In the papers, Mrs. Ryan asserted that her husband pressured her to have sex with him in public in swinging sex clubs.

Republicans wanted him gone.

He had lied to conservative journalists and GOP supporters alike when he said there were no potential skeletons in his closet. Republicans wouldn’t stand for that.

Bill Clinton now claims a “badge of honor” because independent counsel Kenneth Starr made an impeachment referral to the House of Representatives alleging he had lied under oath and obstructed justice.

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Can GOD Sin?

A Philosophical problem, posed by Dr. Michael Martin, atheist and professor of Philosophy at Boston University.

“If God is omniscient, then on this definition he would have all knowledge including that of how to do gymnastics exercises on the parallel bars, and He would have this knowledge to the highest degree. Yet only a being with a body can have such knowledge, and by definition God does not have a body. Therefore, God`s attributes of being disembodied and being omniscient are in conflict.”

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Music News


Popular Summer music festival Lollapalooza 2004 has been cancelled due to “poor ticket sales across the board”, according to the tour’s website.

Lollapalooza founder, Perry Farrell expressed regret at the cancellation, saying “It breaks my heart that thirty obscure acts, virtually unknown to the concert-going public, cannot go out and shovel money into our coffers.

Farrel continued, “Sure, no one’s ever heard of LeTigre, Basement Jaxx and The Von Bondies, but that shouldn’t keep them from coughing up $70 for a ticket after fees and taxes, $10 for parking, $14 for two small bottles of water, $45 for a shirt, another $10 for some hummus and broiling in the hot sun, shoulder to shoulder with sweaty, tattooed Suicide Girls rejects and sallow hipsters in black socks who smell like hot cheese and Parliaments. Who wouldn’t want to do that?”

According to tour co-founder, Marc Geiger, poor ticket sales weren’t the only factor in the cancellation. “I blame Bush.” When asked to elaborate, Geiger stated “Um, Bush and Iraq. Fascists. Patriot Act. Ashfield. Oil. Downloading!”

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Shifting Gears

So much. It is almost halfway through the Summer and the threshold of my twenty-eighth year silently creeps upon me, like an assassin; a murderer that wishes to rob me of Time. Minutes slip away as I continue the desperate lurch towards my Thirties… The summer is moving so quickly, and sitting sprawled out on … Continue reading Shifting Gears