A Year In The Making

Inspired by a couple friends of mine and a certain local author whom shall remain nameless, I have recently decided to quantify my reading for this past year. Which is to say, publish a record of most of what I spent my time reading. I say “most” because there were certain things I chose to omit. For example…

…I am omitting almost all of the poetry, sonnets, essays and articles I read during the past year – with a few notable exceptions (for personal reasons). Though I imbibed heavily of the sonnet this year (mostly Shakespeare and Donne) I felt they were simply too light and numerous to mention here. Perhaps I will discuss them at a later date.

I also omitted the largesse of my Scriptural studies, chosing only to include Scriptures that I had read for sheer pleasure and in entirety – omitting isolated Scriptural studies and research.

Thus follows Matthew`s Reading List of anno Domini 2004

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The Beatle Poll

The final results are in and, according to the guests of this site, John Lennon is clearly the most popular member of the Beatles. Who is your favorite Beatle? George Harrison: 6 votes Paul McCartney: 6 votes John Lennon: 15 votes Ringo Starr: 6 votes George Martin: 3 votes George Harrison was always my favorite. … Continue reading The Beatle Poll