Dollars Require Sense

The colloquialism “making ends meet” is derived from a Middle English expression, which refers to the tightening of one`s belt – where one`s appetites are drastically hindered, due to financial inclements. Implied is the premise that one is not of a sufficient revenue to be comfortable with the persistent tightness or laxity of the proverbial … Continue reading Dollars Require Sense

What Is A Man?

CANNES, FRANCE – The Marlboro Man is having an identity crisis.

The Leo Burnett advertising agency, which created the iconic macho cowboy, said a new study it conducted found that half the men in most parts of the world don`t know what is expected of them in society and three-quarters of them think images of men in advertising are out of touch with reality.

Most ads have lumped men into one of two groups — the soft, caring type known as “metrosexuals,” who are comfortable with facial peels and pink shirts, or the stereotypical “retrosexuals,” who remain oafishly addicted to beer and sports.

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But Now I See

The Night has come… I wish to be embraced with it – and in it. I wish to be surrounded by the Black. No sleep for me, I can rest not – for I am beckoned by the Cicada Songs and rustle of the late evening breezes of mid-Summer. I want to run, through the … Continue reading But Now I See