One Cheer for Peter Jennings

The coverage of the current Democratic primaries oozes with a quality of charity and brotherhood, with the kind of gentleness that is found among friends, or political allies.

With a few robust exceptions (Howard Dean’s attempt to channel Mr. T), the daily and nightly TV coverage has been mostly obsessed with the horse race at the expense of serious discussion of important political issues.

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Dean Stumbles: Don’t Blame the Media

Just weeks ago, Howard Dean looked like he was popping corn in Iowa, comfortably on his way to the Democratic nomination. In the end, he was just creamed spinach, and most un-magnanimous in defeat. He was bitter, and passing out blame. On CNBC as the results rolled over him, Dean groused that he had become the front runner and then “all you in the media had some fun at my expense.”

How Clintonesque. In 1992, Clinton regularly whined that he was the most media-slammed and scrutinized candidate in American history. (You never heard that from Ronald Reagan, who perhaps was.)

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I am driven by my longing, and my understanding urges, that I should commence my singing, and begin my recitation. I will sing the people`s legends, and the ballads of the nation. To my mouth the words are flowing, and the words are gently falling, quickly as my tongue can shape them, and between my … Continue reading KALEVALA

ABC`s Stossel Rips Network for Hostility to Conservatives

WASHINGTON – ABC News correspondent John Stossel, the co-anchor of 20/20, said most mainstream journalists, including those at his network, are leftists who view conservatives as “selfish and cruel” for embracing capitalism.

Stossel was in the nation`s capital Tuesday to promote his new book, “Give Me a Break,” at the libertarian Cato Institute. Although he praised ABC News for letting him present free-market viewpoints on 20/20, he criticized his peers for their hostility toward those ideas.

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Bush vs. Brush: The zen of the president`s pastime.

Long ago, a wise woman suggested to me that instead of asking a person what he does-the standard opening line in Washington-one could gain deeper insight into character and temperament by asking, “What do you like to do?” That sounded like a good idea, and let it be noted that, when I tried it, the question elicited some odd looks and heel-turning, as if some type of classified information were being sought. All of which suggests my adviser was on to something.

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Quote O` The Day

“From the first moment I was in a television studio, I felt that it was far from being a good thing. I felt that television would ultimately be inimical to what I most appreciate, which is the expression of truth, expressing your reactions to life in words. I think you`ll live to see the time … Continue reading Quote O` The Day


Hindu Youth Instantly Converted to Christianity after Accidental Exposure to Teacher`s Religious Symbol CHICAGO – Mumbai Behari, a 12 year old student at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Chicago, was accidentally converted to the Christian faith when he saw a small silver cross necklace being worn by a student teacher. The conversion has sparked … Continue reading BREAKING NEWS…