The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

A classroom… a Professor, and students. All is calm in the peace of the morning – the distant din of shuffling feet and rustling papers echo from the hallway, as other students find their appointed places. Above that is the wavering hum of the long highway. Ninety Degrees and Clear.

A youngish man, and energetic – the Professor speaks with passion about the material, but slyly – not tipping his hand so much but reveling in his role as benevolent antagonist. He speaks: “Why does Religion exist? The most evident answer is that it serves many human needs – and the most basic need might be to respond to our natural wonder about the universe and ourselves. Of any or all of the sorts of human needs that religion serves, describe one that is most important to your religious values or to the values of a specific religion.”

This brief allocution is a sufficient impetus to initiate the wild rumpus of sound-bite platitudes and borrowed aphorisms.

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