Reading List:June

Moon, June, Spoon… the month of June has come and gone so quickly; and with it, many hours and pages left in the darkened silences of minutes passed.

This month was bookended by two trips to Texas and back, which seemed to hinder my reading almost as much as it enabled me to read more than I might ordinarily. `Tis somewhat complicated, but I daresay I was able to consume an impressive amount of material over the last four weeks, all things considered.

Unfortunately, I started too many new books this month to finish some of the holdovers from the previous and I know that I lingered in one book much longer than I usually do.

Perhaps taking on the 1000-page historical novel Chesapeake dominated my days a trifle more than it should have?

Nevertheless, here are the works read in entirety over June`s span of thirty-odd days:

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