Football and the “Game of Life”

After a long hot and dry Summer, of which baseball is a meager consolation, football brings with it the promise of cooler days and festive nights. For me, summer is an all-too slow season and this summer has been even more so. With last week’s kickoff of the high school football season, and the upcoming launch of college and professional play, my zeal for the game has returned with white-hot intensity.

I adore the game of football. As far as I’m concerned it’s among the best of the cultural contributions our nation has to offer. Consequently, I am prone to using metaphors extracted from the context of the game into my regular existence. All of us do so, I think. Metaphor is just a shortcut to explanation.

No doubt my wife is rather accustomed to my asking her what the “game plan” is after church, or hearing me complain about being “blitzed” at work during the morning deadline hours.

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“…the richest man in town…”

There is no shame in living one’s entire life within a few square miles, no more than it is dishonorable to seek one’s destiny across the globe. Life is nothing if not an individualistic sojourn. Ideally our journeys can and will often overlap with each other, but some come hither while others wend yonder.

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Overton whips Wildcats 32-14

Cayuga’s return train to state was derailed by a group of upstarts from Overton.

The Mustangs controlled the momentum from the opening kickoff through the final whistle, as they whipped their District 8-1A rivals 32-14.

It was the first home game for Overton since the 2009 season and the Mustangs initiated the new facility with a victory worthy of its namesake: Coach Chester Roy.

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Two years and a million words later…

Today marks my second year on the editorial staff here at the Henderson Daily News. I was actually hired Friday, Aug. 21, but my first day of work was the following Monday. The only thing I remember, as I sat down at my desk on that first day, was the sudden sick feeling of being in way over my head.

“What have I got myself into?” I said to myself. “They’re going to figure out that I’m a fraud who has no idea what he’s doing and they’re going to send me packing.”

But to quote the guy who suddenly found himself falling off a 10-story building: so far so good.

Indeed, those “butterflies” have long since been replaced by an unquenchable hunger.

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Mustang rebuilding efforts continue into 2011

The stadium may be finished and the field ready for play but this year’s Overton Mustangs still have a lot of work to do.

“Having a field is a nice change,” joked head coach/athletic director Arthur “Bo” Talkington. “But we’ve still got a lot of work to do in going from where we are to where we need to be.”

That work is hampered by the loss of six starters to graduation, as well as losing six returning seniors who chose to focus on baseball.

“At a small school like ours every player is important, especially when it’s a returning starter and even more when it’s a senior,” Talkington admitted. “But we’ve got about 30 young men that are working hard to help rebuild this program and those are the athletes I’m focused on right now.”

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