My favorite time of the year

It’s finally here, my favorite time of the year.

Living in East Texas, we tend to “miss out” on the more sensual aspects of autumn. By the time the leaves start falling from the trees it’s dang near winter. It’s not unheard of to have 90-degree days in the middle of October. Last year I took my kids trick-of-treating in a t-shirt.

But there’s one thing we’ve got in East Texas that more than makes up for it, we’ve got high school football season.

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The Night Before the First Day of School

It is the night before school starts and all through the house… things are, well, pretty laid back. I wish I could say we’re excited, but it’s rather chill at the Prosser House.

Of course, this is not to say that my children are indifferent to the beginning of the academic term… simply that it’s not a big deal. They know the drill, they’re ready, and it’s just another ebb and flow in the voyage of our family.

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Three Years at the Mast

With each passing year August proves more and more to be a time of beginnings for me.

You teachers out there know what I’m talking about…  yeah yeah, I know the calendar year starts in January, and I know that fiscal years tend to have some variation depending on the agency or company.

But I work for a small town newspaper, a town whose largest employer is the local school district. The ebb and flow of the academic term sets the tone for a lot of what goes on around here.

Additionally, I’m a parent of five children, which is another reason why the span of months from August to June and each turn of the seasons are how I mark the time.

This is also the month I started my duties here at the Henderson Daily News. I was hired as a Staff Writer and Photographer on Friday, Aug. 21, 2009 with my first day of work being the following Monday and my first byline appearing the day after. Yesterday marks three years on the HDN masthead and year one as News Editor.

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What makes our way of life possible…

Just a few nights ago I was laying in my bed sleepily sketching out plans for a backyard deck, a gazebo, and garden area that I hoped to build in the event I ever manage to get enough spare time to do so.

The next day I spent my lunch break “window shopping” for the materials at our local Cassity-Jones and Lowe’s building supply stores. I didn’t end up buying anything, but it was nice to be able to get a sense of how much these projects would cost and which place has better deals on the various materials I need.

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